There Ain’t No Party Like a Gracy’s Pizza Birthday Party!

by Paul Feeney // March 23 // 0 Comments

Birthday parties are always a special occasion, and choosing the right venue can be a difficult task, but nothing beats a pizza birthday party, especially a Gracy’s birthday pizza party – here’s why:

1. Everyone loves pizza! From the crispy crust to the ooey gooey melted mozzarella and picking the perfect topping selection, pizza is just the best – especially a woodfire pizza, Gracy’s signature dish!

2. Our famous woodfire pizza is the ultimate customer favourite here at Gracy’s. We could go on about how our authentic Italian oven creates the ultimate smoky crust, melts mozzarella to perfection, keeps your toppings juicy and is made from only the freshest ingredients but we have whole blog post dedicated to our love of woodfire pizza, why not check it out here.

3. A yummy and versatile food, pizza can be customized to cater for different dietary requirements or taste preferences and is an all-round favourite for vegetarians, meat lovers, gluten-free lifestyles and everything in-between – just check out our new menu for 2023!

4. Whether it’s the youngsters in your life or a celebration among the grown-ups, lets face it, a Gracy’s pizza party is fun at any age.

 5. For our older guests, sharing some fresh woodfire pizzas over pints of local craft beer sounds pretty awesome right? Did you know we have range of gorgeous wines and craft beer at Gracy’s?

6. Our younger party goers can enjoy our delicious kiddie’s menu full of tasty pizza, yummy sides & of course some sweet birthday treats

7. Did we mention Gracy’s serves dessert pizza? Yes really, it’s a thing!

8. Weather forecast looking a bit gloomy for your birthday bash? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered here at Gracy’s with our cosy indoor dining area.

9. Big birthday heatwave on the way? Enjoy your birthday in the great outdoors in our outdoor dining area surrounded by the beautiful 400-Acre Estate of Westport House.

10. Add some extra excitement with a trip to our BRAND NEW Neo Gaming experience. Located right next door to Gracy’s, try a life-sized, immersive, video game playground bursting with an action-packed gaming catalogue full of exciting, energetic, and entertaining fun! Chat with our team about our pizza & Neo Gaming birthday packages.

11. Don’t forget to check out the thrills, splashes and swash-buckling fun of the Pirate Adventure Park at Westport House – now in its final year!  

12. Our amazing Gracy’s team love helping you celebrate your birthday event so get in touch with us today & enjoy a hassle free, relaxed & fun birthday. 

About the Author Paul Feeney

When Paul is not being the Head of Marketing for Westport Estate, he is happily sitting at Gracy's bar enjoying his favourite pepperoni pizza with his favourite Mescan Beer.