The Top 10 Most Unique Pizza Toppings From Around the World!

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by Paul Feeney // March 21 // 0 Comments
1. Crocodile & Kangaroo Pizza (Australia)

This pizza is topped with crocodile meat and kangaroo steak.

2. Reindeer Pizza (Finland)

Garnished with smoked reindeer meat, mushrooms, and cheese.

3. Squid Ink Pizza (Japan)

This Japanese pizza is covered with squid ink, cheese, and seafood.

A Cherry Clafoutis Pizza

4. Chocolate Pizza (USA)

A dessert pizza from the United States finished with chocolate sauce, marshmallows, and nuts.

5. Haggis Pizza (Scotland)

This Scottish pizza is topped with traditional haggis, neeps, and tatties.

6. Banana Curry Pizza (Sweden)

An interesting Swedish pizza consisting of banana, curry, chicken, and peanuts.

7. Cactus Pizza (Mexico)

A cactus, jalapenos, and cheese topped pizza.

Pizza, Italian style, with luxurious seafood (scallops, mussels, octopus, clams...)

8. Octopus Pizza (Japan)

Pizza garnished with octopus, seaweed, and bonito flakes.

9. Escargot Pizza (France)

A twist on the French delicacy of escargot, a type of edible snail.

10. Grasshopper Pizza (Mexico)

A Mexican grasshopper feast pizza, which are a crunchy and protein-rich snack in some cultures.

While we may not have toppings as adventurous as these interesting dishes, Gracy’s Pizzeria & Bistro serves the finest wood fired pizza in Westport, and we do love a little twist on a classic pizza. 

So why not get on down to Gracy’s and try some of our more bolder flavours such as our Caesar salad inspired pizza, our customer favourite Black Pudding Pizza or, our brand new Apple Crumble dessert pizza!

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When Paul is not being the Head of Marketing for Westport Estate, he is happily sitting at Gracy's bar enjoying his favourite pepperoni pizza with his favourite Mescan Beer.