Life Size Video Gaming & Pizza?

by Paul Feeney // March 23 // 0 Comments

Gaming and pizza.

Two activities that have become almost synonymous with each other.

For many, they are the ultimate combination of relaxation, fun, socialising and indulgence but, have you ever tried an Interactive Gaming Wall tournament followed by a fresh, woodfire pizza?

Let us tell you more….

BRAND NEW and JUST ARRIVED for 2023, Westport House are delighted to welcome its newest attraction – our Interactive Gaming Wall.

But what is the Interactive Gaming Wall we hear you ask?

Within the farmyard of Westport House, we have transformed one of indoor areas into an Interactive Gaming Wall.

Divided into sections, this space can house a number of groups as they take on games, tournaments and challenges using the Interactive Gaming Wall.

Projecting the game onto an interactive wall, groups of up to 8 can choose from our catalogue of activities and immerse themselves into a mixture of digital and real-life gaming.

Interacting with the wall and using gaming balls and accessories, groups must work as a team to complete challenges, increase levels and reach high scores.

Ideal for all-ages, birthday parties, group activities or just a friendly meet up with your mates, why not give our Interactive Gaming Wall a go!

And don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten the pizza!

Right next door to our new gaming amusement is our famous, fresh, woodfire pizzas.

Refuel after your awesome gaming session at Gracy’s Pizzeria and Bistro.

About the Author Paul Feeney

When Paul is not being the Head of Marketing for Westport Estate, he is happily sitting at Gracy's bar enjoying his favourite pepperoni pizza with his favourite Mescan Beer.