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Named after the famous Pirate Queen of Ireland, Grace O’Malley, Gracy’s Pizzeria and Bistro aims to provide a menu as memorable, fierce and Irish-inspired as Grace herself.

First opened in 2015, Gracy’s is located on the grounds of the 400-year-old historical Westport House, which itself can be traced back to the O’Malley clan. Serving authentic Italian woodfire pizza from our genuine Wood Fired Oven & situated in the heart of Westport Town, our famous pizzas are a must during a visit to Westport and Westport House.
From traditional pizza toppings to desert pizza, as well as fresh Clew Bay seafood, burgers, and mouth-watering pasta, Gracy’s is a delicious fusion of Italian cuisine and Irish cookery. Whether it’s a romantic 3-course meal, a midday light bite, or just a woodfire pizza and glass of local craft beer with your friends, you are guaranteed a good time, good food and an incredible location at Gracy’s at Westport House.


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Gracy’s is open seasonally from March until September.
Please refer to our opening times for details.

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Meet Peo, the head chef at "Gracy's Pizzeria" - the most authentic and amazing pizzeria in all of Westport (and possibly the world). Peo was born with a wooden spoon in his hand and pizza sauce in his veins, and has been perfecting his craft since he could reach the kitchen counter.

Peo's love for pizza is evident in every pizza he creates - he carefully selects only the finest ingredients, hand-kneads the dough with a passion that could make a statue weep, and knows just the right amount of sauce, cheese, and toppings to make every bite a heavenly experience.

But don't let his serious pizza-making skills fool you - Peo is also a fun-loving guy who knows how to make his customers smile. He's been known to break out into impromptu pizza-themed song and dance numbers while tossing dough in the air, and has even been caught sneaking slices of pizza to unsuspecting patrons who may have had a little too much vino.

In short, Peo is a force to be reckoned with in the pizza world - a master of his craft, a purveyor of joy and happiness, and an all-around amazing guy. So if you're ever in Westport, do yourself a favor and head over to "Gracy's Pizzeria" for a slice of heaven made by the one and only Peo.

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head chef

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Best Woodfire pizza in Westport?
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From the outside you wouldn't know the charms within Gracy's, but we were so impressed. We were very tired after our cycle out to Mulranny and staying in the campsite next door. So having the bistro close by was great. We had a huge pint of cold perroni and a pink gin to start. I had a burger and Dave had a pizza and a garlic bread.
All the food was freshly cooked and delicious. We would heartily recommend Gracy's.

Aoife Kane Thomas

Local Guide

Loved this place, Had such a nice atmosphere. Went on our first camping holiday in the grounds of Westport house booked for 2 nights and ended up staying the week we made great friends with the wonderful staff of Gracie’s bistro, they we’re all so kind and beautiful food was very lovely freshly cooked and eat there every night. Anything we needed, staff were lovely and helped out, would definitely go again for our next trip to Westport and meet our friends again. And cheers for the buckets of ice

Róisín Donoghue


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Gracy's Pizzeria, Bar & Bistro, The Farmyard, Westport House Country Estate, Westport Demesne, Westport, Co. Mayo

Experience the the ultimate summer good food mood at Gracy’s Pizzeria, Bar & Bistro at Westport House.

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